Saturday, January 5, 2008

Leaving your mark:

Be it a stick drawing in the sand or a crayon on the wall: it is an activity that most children share when they realize that the object in their hand leaves a mark on another object. My buffet still displays the 5 pointed stars that my DD happily showed me that she had learned how to draw (even though it was more like scratch). 

This desire to leave your mark starts at an early age and continues on throughout our life. Christmas letters, cards and pictures are one of the many ways we mark down memories and share with our family and friends. 

Back when I was a child, it was popular to cut circles from these Christmas cards and pictures to create ornaments. In my examples as an alternative to hand cutting twenty circles, I used the Stampin' Up scalloped circle to make the job quick and easy.  This year rather than throwing out your cards when you get ready to put away your Christmas decorations, try creating a memory ornament! 

I pray the Christmas season blessed you with wonderful memories and the loving peace from Christ. 

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