Saturday, May 8, 2010

Graduation cards & Shower cards
Monday Mini May 10th

It's that time of the year when you need to have cards on hand for graduations and wedding showers. Here's the cards that my stampers made for the Monday mini class, May 10th.

This first card is a very quick and easy card:

This next card, I would call a fun funky fold. When I saw the spring fold cards, they reminded me of a graduation cap. I eliminated one of the folds from that pattern and switched around a couple other folds to make the gift pocket. What do you think?

Stampin' Up!s  ribbons only unravel from one direction. Therefore if you tie a knot on the one end and unravel the other, you'll have an easy tassel. Attach it to the top of the card/cap on the other side of the knot that is not unraveled, trim any excess ribbon. When the graduate lifts up the cap, it will reveal a pocket where you can place a gift card, cash and a small note letting them know it's from you.

I'm so loving the Big Shot embossing folders. Seems like my cards are missing something when I don't use at least one of the embossing folders. Here's the punchy shower card that was made, with just a little bit of stamping.

Isn't the crunchy punch flower just adorable? It's no secret I need to work on my photography skills, there really is 3 different pinks.

Punching Tip For Layering: For perfectly centered punches when doing multiple layers, start with the smallest punch, add adhesive and attach to the next layer, then center and punch.

Tip for Punching Corners: If you are having trouble with the new corner punches, curl the tip with your fingernail. Then when you slide the paper in, the tip will catch in the corner so you don't go to far.


  1. Very nice cards Michelle.


  2. I love your graduation card and your tassle made from ribbon.


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