Friday, March 19, 2010

Storage idea for alphabet letters

Here's something I shared at a SU meeting earlier this week. The "disposable" society we live in will tell you this idea isn't practical because you could almost cut a whole pack of paper for what it costs to buy this little container. I have no excuse for my defense. By the time you pop out all the letters and sort them into their spaces, I'm not sure it even saves time. 

BUT I don't have to be logical! I am Woman! 
No more explanation should be necessary!   ; )

It bothered me to toss all those extra letters. On more than one occasion I've dug through my recycle pile looking for just a couple letters muttering: Why did I throw away all those extra letters? Here's my solution.

Do you recognize what container this is? 

It's a 4 times daily pill dispenser. I punched circles out sticker paper to cover the Morning, Noon, Evening, and Bedtime words and then glued the letter on top. Pretty creative huh? There's days I just amaze myself (snicker, snicker).

This works great. The letters don't slide under or over the dividers like in other containers I tried. The bottom for each space is rounded so the letters don't get stuck in corners and are easy to pull out. Each letter has it's own cover and I don't have to worry about my kitten making a big mess when she tries to help me. . . Oh one more thing even though it's plastic it makes me feel like I'm being "green" because it's a reduce, reuse, recycle thing - and saving trees. 

Speaking of saving - once you sort out all the letters, you still have a lot of paper with letters left. The negative images still need to be rescued. An example of what I mean is the "r" found on my son's birthday card. 

How cool is that?
What can I say? I just have to spice things up sometimes.

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