Monday, March 8, 2010

In the Dog House

Got-ta love Sale-a-bration FREE stamps!

I'm behind on making special cards. My up-upline was pretty ill and I wanted  something special to send her. I was waiting for my "Wellness Wishes" set to come and had planned to use the "Praying for you during your illness" stamp from that set. But this 3-D card is what I ended up with, hope she liked it. Better late than never, right?

Doesn't the SAB paper make for an adorable back drop?

I left the one side of the top un-sticky-taped so I could send it in the mail. I cut off the front flap and folded it in half, then attached it to the back flap. That way it could be assembled like a box without needing to be taped on the bottom. Here's what it looks like going into the envelope. A perfect fit with some room to spare.

This time I actually made two so I could have one for my own display, but her sister ended up having a terrible week and needed to have a tooth pulled because of an infection. I decided she needed a pick me up card, so here it goes off to the mailbox. It's a good thing I never sticky taped mine together. 

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