Saturday, February 27, 2010

Howled R U?

Sorry, I just couldn't resist the title. 
Close your eyes and say it out loud - you'll get it!

Man am I clever or what?  (giggle)  
Sometimes I even surprise myself with how creative I am.

The stamp set "Nature Silhouettes" was calling me to use it for my son's birthday card. The name of their software company name Howling Moon was my inspiration.

It was difficult to get a good picture that showed the Shimmer frost paint sponged on the moon. This card is impressive in real life. Click on the picture to see a larger image. If you look at your screen sideways, it picks up the shimmer - that's so cool that it can do that!

They've recently released another application program called "Upshot" for macs. Earlier this year they were at a game developers software meeting and found out that a significant number of programmers were using his chipmunk physics program which he released as shareware while he was still in high school. They are currently working on additional upgrades for his chipmunk physics program.

I'm so proud of him, and that he had the courage to go after his dream. Thank you for letting me "howl" a little about his accomplishments.

Happy Birthday Scott!

Now I need SU to make a chipmunk stamp.

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