Thursday, February 11, 2010

Special handicap class Valentine cards

I received a panicked phone call asking if I could help out the Community Education handicap class. They wanted me to prepare 2 different cards for 16 adults for that evening's at 5 pm class. 

Here's the two cards I designed for them:

I used retired DSP for these projects. There was a lot of pre-work involved in their projects. The cards were embossed and pre-punched. I also had the hearts already stamped, pre-punched, and stuck on glue dots so all they had to do was peal and stick. They also stamped matching envelopes. For the brocade blue card they stamped matching envelopes with the SAB polka dot hearts. I ended up giving my sample envelope to one of the students. (I'm always running out of the white envelopes.)

It was wonderful seeing them so proud of their projects. When they finished the cards, they sat and asked what card they could make next. Sadly, 2 cards were all I was asked to prepare for them.

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