Friday, February 6, 2009

Triangular Gift Bags

The first time I made a 3-sided gift bag was for a Home Business Christmas  fair. But now trying to fill my new empty shelves, I decided to make a new triangle bag to display for Valentine's. 

While making it, I thought I should submit it in the SoShelli challenge. As I was setting it up to take a picture, I felt it was missing something. I literally only had minutes left before the deadline and I decided to quickly stick a bottle of wine in it. Rip went the bottom corners, and that was the end of trying to do a last minute entry. 

After letting it sit for a while, I decided to try and salvage it. I added the bands at the bottom to hold in and cover up the rips. 

I think that was the finishing touch it needed from the start. 

I'm planning to make an other 
triangle gift bag for Easter. 
I would love to see your 
triangle bags creations. 
Check back next month for 
my post and in the comments
leave a link to your gift bag.

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