Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall decorating at church

First I need to thank Wendy A. for all the preliminary work she did for me. I would have been at church a lot longer if I would have had to do all the arranging by myself. She has a wonderful sense of design and layout. I'm hoping she'll help me put up the Thanksgiving eve decorations.

Yes you could say I was being a little OCD again. I took pictures of how she had everything arranged because I wanted to be able to put things back as close as to what she had already done. It sure saved me a lot of time and was so handy to place the gourds along the edge of the planter and then put them back in place. Thanks again Wendy!

So this is how it looked after I had added more mulch to the planter to raise everything up. All I really did was to add a large pumpkin and the mums for the upcoming wedding.

The first pumpkin was too small, so I was off to find another taller one for the middle. In the meantime, while I was on the pumpkin hunt I came across some gorgeous croton plants and just had to get them also. I put one on each side of the front doors along with my first pumpkin. Here's another view:

Since they were having live string music in the Narthex, I put together this centerpiece on the table that was going to be behind the musicians.

I really enjoy decorating, especially in the fall. If you're in the Fergus Falls, Minnesota area, stop by and visit First Lutheran Church. We're west across from the Court House.

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