Monday, November 2, 2009

Candy inspired card

I've recently joined a group called Stampin' Up Late Night Stampers. And for those that know me - it's the truth, there really is such a group - how totally perfect for me. Click on the name!

After my trouble the previous week I told myself I wasn't going to be doing the last minute dash to my computer and try to upload a card, and yet that's exactly what I did. Squeaking by with only minutes to go, I got it uploaded to the right file this time. Ta Da! 

Last week they had a challenge to create a card using colors from your favorite candy. Unfortunately I ended up being sick during week and blurfing (my word for blog surfing) was the extent of my activity. I loved seeing all the great candy inspired cards. I dreamt of carmel (yum it totally destroys my will power 'til it's gone) and yet strangely this is what I ended up with. 

Stamp set: Dasher, Merry
Inks: Real Red, Whisper White
Paper: Brillant Blue, Real Red, Whisper White
Accessories: White embossing powder, Snowflake punch

If you're wondering why it's not carmel, here's what happened:

When I stopped after church to pick up potatoes and carrots to add to our pot roast supper that I was making for friends, this candy wrapper yelled "Pick Me, Pick Me! I'm a Dasher card". So I tossed it in the cart along with a 100 Grand bar. 

After spending a wonderful afternoon of playing dominos, eating, and talking, our friends left for home. I made some return phone calls and then while cleaning up the kitchen, I found the candy bars. The Crunch bar said "Hurry, Hurry! It's 10:30! You have 90 minutes to copy me and turn me into a card" (I agree it's strange to have candy talking to me and I only had 1/2 a glass of wine at supper, that's the truth. Maybe it was the eggnog). However when I looked at the 100 Grand candy bar, the only inspiration that happened was the feeling of still being sooooo very stuffed after supper and having it topped off with cranberry cake and butter cream sauce and just like that there was a snarf sound it was gone. Oops! That wasn't the inspiration I was looking for - he-he. Please note in the picture: the chocolate is still in it's Crunch wrapper!

I almost gave up when I checked Mary Jo Price-Williams email and I read "12am EST". Since I live in Minnesota, that meant I only had 20 minutes. Eek! 

This would easily a 10 minute card if you don't count: 
--- grabbing the wrong embossing powder and needing to re-stamp the Baroque Motif swirl
--- having my cat decide she needed me to play with her and climbing all over my lap, shoulders, etc
--- then she attacked my scrap of paper that I punched the snowflake out of - spooking herself causing my papers and other things fly all directions as she jumped in the air and tried to run and jump off my desk. 
--- All the while time was tic-tic-tic rapidly disappearing. 

All in all, I'm happy with the card. I struggled for about 30 seconds whether to punch a heart like what was on the candy wrapper or a snowflake. I wish I had taken a picture of the clock or a timer because anyone who knows me is never going to believe that I made a card in less than 10 minutes, much less that I also took a picture and got it uploaded too.

Michelle Dawn


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Wow have you ever been busy blogging. You should keep it up. It's fun to pull up this site :)

    Hey look, I'm leaving a comment. I hope it works...

  2. Hello Michelle,
    This is Vicki Davis. I love your blog!!! Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm just getting started so I definitely know the rejection factor. Plus I've only been a demonstrator since May. I love the flannel look of your blog and your posts are quite amusing. Keep up the good work!


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