Sunday, August 30, 2009

More about the Stampin' Up! convention
OMG our turtle is popping up all over!

I am so excited and have so many ideas after going to the Stampin' Up! convention. My head is spinning more than normal. I took over 900+ pictures. Here is just part of the displays that were set up for us to view, plus the back sides of the panels. There were 3 more areas of this size that were just cards:

The energy level being among 3000+ other people that love to stamp is just indescribable. I felt like a teenager at a rock concert.

On check-in day, once we "found" our way to the Salt Palace Convention Center (lost? I didn't say lost! Some of us were just a little confused as to which way was North.), we registered and received our "convention bag". It contained: an information booklet with lunch vouchers, a Stampin' Up! pen, a pin with Stampin' Up!s new tag line "Inspire, Create, Share", and 4 stamp sets.

Once I got myself organized, I began swapping my cards. Many of the cards that I received were very inspiring and in the upcoming months you will have the chance to recreate some of them when you enroll in my classes. I have to confess I was really excited when I was able to swap cards with Patty Bennet; but to have her post our turtle card on her blog - OMG!!! Since then I have found our little turtle card also poppin' up several other blogs: Annette Stewart, Jo-Ann Unrau, Tammy Borrello and Brenda's. That is so exciting - thank you ladies, what an honor! Please leave me a comment if she has popped-up anywhere else.

On the first day, every once and awhile I would see glimps of demonstrators carrying little bears with Stampin' Up! aprons. I so wanted one! It became my quest to find out where they got the aporn. Then came the big announcement - all of us attending convention had an opportunity to purchase one. Not only does she have the Stampin' Up! apron but she's embroidered on her paw, carries her only pawsitively adorable stamp (sorry, I couldn't resist) and to complete her look she sports an in-color ribbon of Bermuda Bay. Isn't she adorable!

Her little stamp says: Life without stamps... Unbearable!

Now it's time for a little promotional teasing, after all they did it to me, now it's my turn to do it to you:

So that bear was the first hook that caught me - where was my tiny will power when I needed it. I wasn't going to order any of the bear items when I had seen the Holiday mini catalog, but then I saw them in person - I not only was hooked but I swallowed it hook line and sinker and that's not the end of the story. The Holiday mini catalog starts September 1st. Make sure you check out Stampin' Up!s newest promotion which is an exclusive collection in cooperation with Sizzix and Build-A-Bear-Workshop. The adorable bear stamps and dies are on pages 34-37 in the back of the mini. If you don't have a catalog, you can download one from my website. I've have been experimenting with magnets on the back of the bears and the outfits so children can play with the bears and dress them like paper dolls. Cool idea huh? I will be offering a BABW class through community education later in October. Space is limited.

I had also heard Stampin' Up! was going to offer a digital studio program, I wasn't excited; but then I as watched it being demonstrated at convention and I WAS truly impressed. Keep watch on my website - it is in the final stages of testing and is slated to be released the first part of October. For more info see page 38-39 of the Holiday mini.

One last teaser to tell you about is the Simply Adorned Charms which are simply gorgeous! You can stamp images and change them out for the seasons or whatever suits your fancy. This is something you need to see in person, the pictures in the catalog (pages 32-33) although nice just don't do the charms justice. My sister demonstrator, Ellen B, won one at convention.

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